Monday, November 24, 2008

Layton Home Storage Center/Dry Pack

It is finally open!  This should help relieve the demand somewhat on the Ogden Home Storage Center.  If you are short on time, Starter Kits (containing a couple cans of wheat, rice, etc.) are available at the Distribution Center as well.  These are a little more expensive when purchased there (you have to pay for the shipping cost).  Purchasing the Kit on-line is probably a better deal if you can't get to the storage center.  Go to and then to Home Storage.

Layton Home Storage Center 333-3230

1. Hours:
Tuesday & Wednesday 4 PM to 8 PM; by appointment only.
Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM; by appointment only.
Friday 1 PM to 8 PM; walk-in only.  This will be first come first served.  No appointment.

2. Appointments: Please call 336-3230 to make an appointment.  Friday might be a great time to buy bulk products, cans, lids, boxes, oxygen packets and other items.

3. Stations:  One station with 5-6 people working assembly line for a 2 hour block.  This is only until we know how to operate it efficiently.  Then we will have two stations operating with 5-6 people per station doing a 1-2 hour block.

4. Clean Up: After each shift we need to clean up so there is no mixing of the products.

5.  Product: You may buy products to can at home.  No outside products are canned at our facility.

6. Manual can sealer/pouch sealer: Available by reservation, to use at your home free of charge, returned at the opening hour of the next day the home storage center is open.

7. Bulk Products: you may purchase bulk items from the home storage center.

8. Miscellaneous Info.: Information is available on how many #10 cans per each 25 lb. bag and storage life.  There is some physical work involved and possible lifting of 25 lb. bags or boxes.  

9.  Payment: Cash or check only!  Checks should be made out to: Layton Home Storage, with your ward and stake on your check.  NO CREDIT CARDS.


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